I'm Real


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cherrydolls Nov 18, 2014

Basic Outfit

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cherrydolls Nov 18, 2014


Fashion Inspiration for years.
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cherrydolls Nov 18, 2014

Branding Yourself

          I’ve been recently reading the book of Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki the “MIDAS TOUCH” and its been great experience reading them because they…
cherrydolls Jan 24, 2014
Monday Fashion Inspirationpic

Fashion Is Passion

I thought i already had grabed so much photos from different people and thought i might share with you guys. Truely a fashion lookbook.
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cherrydolls Apr 17, 2013

Finally.... My Barbie Dream House

Omg! Guys i finally bought a house. and Im soooooo..... Happy! im super happy i almost didnt sleep last night because im thinking of what…
cherrydolls Nov 11, 2012

Pocketful of Sunshine

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cherrydolls Jul 25, 2012

Real Life Barbie

And here is another Internet sensation originate in Russia. Last week while reading my daily email i saw this article and I feel inloved with…
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cherrydolls Apr 25, 2012

Girls Rock It - Daily Inspiration

Buzz it if you like it so i will know what to wear tom. making this my daily inspiration on what to wear. :) Thank yew!   xo
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cherrydolls Apr 19, 2012

Barbie Is Running For President 2012

OMG! New career fo barbie means i have to have it. im collecting few barbie for myself and i love them all. I already have…
cherrydolls Apr 18, 2012 Originally by kattty

Girls are worth the Fashion

Girls can rock anything now. from Pin-up girls with tattooes, Punk girls wear neons, anything go Gaga in everything now. even 12inch heels and can…
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cherrydolls Apr 18, 2012

Heidu Klum Poses Nude

In my opinion Heidi is amazing. Beside the painful divorce i say she is strong and such a great model to everyone. Those body are way…
cherrydolls Apr 17, 2012

MAC Announces Marilyn Monroe Collection To Launch This Fall!

Reblogged from Blondeaholic Ok, my inner glamour geek just got way too excited.  This morning, MAC announced a limited edition Marilyn Monroe collection that's set to…
cherrydolls Apr 17, 2012 Originally by blondeaholic

Love is all around Us.

Ever since i started dating in middle school i always have the good hearted one. Its me is the always the "Problem" which im not…
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cherrydolls Apr 16, 2012

Hair Inspiration

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cherrydolls Apr 02, 2012

Asian Fashion Rules

As everyone knows. Asian fashion really inspired many for being the cute, sexy, confident and kawaii. Me personally i dont wear high brands because 1…
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cherrydolls Apr 02, 2012

Summer Lovin'

Just few more days until our upcoming Directors Meeting and Im so excited for all this year projects. Just talking with some old and new…
cherrydolls Apr 02, 2012

Street Style Inspiration

Im actually not a big fan of fancy clothes but i loved dressing myself.  the simpliest and comfortable but cute and sexy at the same…
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cherrydolls Mar 15, 2012

Hello Kitty Japan Street Fashion Show

nbsp; Our pals @Bubble Punch hosted a super kawaii fashion show as part of the “Japan. Endless Discovery” celebration at The Grove in Los Angeles. Over…
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cherrydolls Mar 14, 2012

For the love of Pink

Most of the Girls do love Pink color and Im one of those zillions. haha! hope you enjoy. xo
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cherrydolls Mar 09, 2012

Doll Myself

Guess im bored so I do my makeup and strike the worst pose. haha!
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cherrydolls Mar 08, 2012

Fashion Icon- Hanna Beth Merjos

If im on the mood hanna beth is the perfect for rock n roll aura. Here are some of the pictures i love.
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cherrydolls Mar 07, 2012

Pink Life

Most of the time I feel all alone because i dont have friends to hang out every weekend or text and call when i have…
cherrydolls Mar 07, 2012
cherrydolls Mar 06, 2012

Hello 2012

I know its kinda late but I've been doing this ofr 3years straight now. Last year 2011 was my Year. I achieved BIGTIME with that year…
cherrydolls Jan 16, 2012

Dec 2. Just Ordinary Day!

You see its been  3years since i started working and I always end up nothing save in my pocket. I tried to figure out why?…
cherrydolls Dec 01, 2011

Start Fresh

Been a lot of things lately and had a lots of trouble at work. nothing serious but the issues are all big. Last week I…
cherrydolls Oct 04, 2011

Daily Luck Serving

This August was the best month of the year. According to my horoscope July-September will be the best month for a Libra-Tiger because you are…
cherrydolls Aug 16, 2011
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